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The top 5 Car Tech startups in the UK

The trend of autonomous cars in recent years began to increase, the research area for the development of driverless car technology is increasingly attractive. Innovation and technology in the automotive sector are increasingly emerging and the range of research is widespread. Even the giant technology companies are starting to look to develop this future car technology. Some of them come from Google with Google Cars, Tesla with its flagship product Tesla Model S.

The Alcraft GT An autonomous car manufactured by Alcraft Motor Company
The Alcraft GT An autonomous car manufactured by Alcraft Motor Company

But this time we do not review autonomous car products coming from USA like Google or Autonomous Tesla Car. The reviews we made were automotive car startups from the UK in “The Top 5 Car Startups in the UK”

Some of our selected startups are members of the automotive technology development group that is under the umbrella of cooperation with Tech London Advocates (TLA). The group was founded by David Murray-Hundley in 2017 who is a businessman in many economic sectors.

Here’s a row of top 5 car tech startups in the UK

1. Whipgo

Whipgo is a platform that bridges car rental services ranging from small cars, vans, saloons to super cars from UK-based local vehicle rental companies to the community without the hassle of lease agreements and documents.

Startup Whipgo centered near Old Street in London, which was established in 2016 has a mission to facilitate the rental of vehicles and build a community. You can rent vehicles with no hassle. A process which can take you half a day will take you seconds.

2. Wagonex

Wagonex was founded by Toby Kernon in 2017, Toby is someone who has background jobs in the financial sector. The establishment of start-up Wagonex is backed by the desire to own a car and no longer want to own it. It is based on the idea that owning a car with a long-term commitment will drain your bag and depreciation costs for vehicles in the second year will increase.

Wagonex idea is that you no longer need to be burdened to have a vehicle with an expensive price. Simply subscribe with Wagonex to use the vehicle rental service, the fees you incur include car rental services and service charges except fuel costs.

3. BARO Vehicles

BARO Vehicles is a manufacturing company that is developing autonomous cars. Vehicle products that are already available in the market is the Compact Car named “Baro One”. This vehicle is operated in private spaces such as university campuses, business parks and golf courses. Using sophisticated engineering, BARO ONE offers unprecedented levels of technology, comfort and design.

Baro vehicles were established in 2015 and is headquartered at Horiba-Mira Technology Park in the UK. The barrio Vehicles’ vision is to create and produce intelligent robots to transport people and goods. In addition Baro Vehicles also want the creation of a more secure means of transportation, it is because the number of deaths on the road users occurred more due to human error.

Thus, it is hoped that Self Driven Cars can reduce these problems in addition to creating a more comfortable driving experience and can increase productivity levels for the drivers themselves. In the end, compact and autonomous cars can contribute to solving congestion problems in big cities.


VRCO In collaboration with the Institute for Innovation and Sustainable Engineering, Derby University is currently developing NeoXcraft. This futuristic car can later have the ability like a regular car and at the same time has a function like a drone plane. Thus the future technology to combine the functions of land and air vehicles can take place as a whole.

Quoted from the official VRCO website, the company has now received financial assistance from research funding provided under the European Regional Development Fund, accessed through the LEP Low Carbon fund D2N2 provision to develop NeoXcraft.

NeoXcraft has a vehicle concept that can accommodate up to 2 people or weighs 180 kgs and is capable of running at speeds of 180 knots, 210mph, 333kpj. Under the condition of 100% battery can travel for 60 minutes duration and has features such as charging fast charging feature on your latest smartphone. Not to mention the safety features of an air parachute system were pinned on this autonomous VRCO car. If you are interested NeoXcraft stored in your home, please go here, maybe you become one of the first lucky to get it.

5. Alcraft Motor Company

Alcraft Motor Company is an automotive start-up founded by David Alcraft and based in the Silverstone innovation center cluster.

David Alcraft has a background as a pharmacist and qualified as a chemistry engineer, before entering the automotive business David has served as CEO of several pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare companies.

Looking at the history of David certainly the field of health and pharmacy is very much different from the automotive industry and even electric vehicle technology. But David Alcraft’s passion for vintage and classic cars has encouraged him to set up Alcraft Motor Company.

Alcraft Motor Company in cooperation with Delta Motorsport Engineering Team is making their first futuristic car project named “The Alcraft GT”. Delta Motorsport is known for their expertise in high-performance electric cars and is a key partner in the EV program of one of the world’s premier premium groups.

The Alcraft GT is fully developed using power supply from an electric battery and can travel up to 300 miles and developed with 2 front and rear seat seats.