Everything you need to know from Whatsapp

All the Features you should know on whatsapp
Everything you need to know from Whatsapp

While holding the title as the world’s largest instant messaging service, with more than 1.2 billion users, WhatsApp does not stop innovating.

Throughout the year 2017 alone, the company owned by Facebook has released more than 10 new features for its application in various platforms.

Here’s the list, as summarized KompasTekno from Gizbot, Sunday (24/12/2017). Have you tried everything?

1. Delete the error message
Long wait, the incorrect message deletion feature finally arrives at WhatsApp in October 2017. The form is the “delete for everyone” option for messages that appear when the user clicks the trash can icon at the top of the app window.
The deleted message will then be replaced with the words “this message was deleted”, to inform the recipient that the message was sent but then deleted.

2. Track the location of friends
The “share loc” feature for location sharing is further developed through the presence of a new option called “Live Location” that can be used to monitor the location of friends in real time, for example when awaiting arrival when the appointment.

This location sharing duration can be set from 15 minutes to hours, depending on need. How to access it, click the attachment button (column paper clip) in the message writing field, and select “Share Live Location”.

3. Two-step verification
Security aspect did not escape the attention of WhatsApp. In February 2017, this instant service began implementing an optional two-step verification scheme for users.
The first verification is done by sending the code via SMS or phone as before. The second verification is a user-created 6-digit passcode, and must be entered each time you register the phone number as WhatsApp contact again.

Status Snapchat
Like Instagram Stories that mimics Snapchat, WhatsApp also presents the “Status” feature in the form of short photos and videos that can be displayed for friends to see. The short photo or video will then disappear after 24 hours.
Then, in mid-2017, WhatsApp again added a new status text feature with a colored rear screen. This one feature is picked from social networking Facebook.

5. WhatsApp for Business
As part of its revenue-generating efforts, WhatsApp deploys business features for business people. The form of various customer service services that can be done through WhatsApp.

For example, for an airline KLM that is the first customer of WhatsApp for Business, a passenger can confirm booking, get a check in notification, get boarding pass, and update flight status from WhatsApp.

6. GIF animation support
In addition to photos and videos, as early as 2017, WhatsApp gets additional support for short animations in GIF format. Various GIF animations are available through the search field available next to the emoji tab and can be sent to the other person.
This feature actually exists in WhatsApp for iOS by the end of 2016, then following it on Android at the beginning of 2017.
In addition, WhatsApp also increases the amount of media (such as photos) to be shared, from being limited to 10 pieces once sent, but then upgraded to 30 pieces.

7. Delivery of documents of all formats
By 2016, WhatsApp supports document submissions in PDF format. In mid-2017, document format support expanded to include APK, ZIP, DOC, XLS, TXT, and more.
According to the WhatsApp website, the document delivery feature supports up to 100 MB file size. But there are also reports that iPhone users can send documents up to 120 MB.

8. Grouping photos in an album
Before the arrival of this one feature, photos sent via WhatsApp will be displayed one by one, so it can be inconvenient to the recipient when sent in large quantities. As of June 2017, WhatsApp automatically categorizes the photos sent into an album so that it’s more concise.
In the same update, WhatsApp also adds color filters named “Pop”, “Black and White”, “Cool”, “Chrome”, and a variety of film filters that can be applied in photos and video recordings of users.

9. Playback of YouTube videos from within the app
When a user wants to open a friend’s YouTube YouTube video, WhatsApp will usually open the YouTube app to play the video separately.

The captions limit is deprecated at the end of November, while adding YouTube in-app playback support for its app on the iOS platform.
YouTube videos can now be played directly in the WhatsApp app in a small picture (picture in picture) and can still be viewed even if the user switches the chat to someone else. Not yet known when this feature will be present for applications WhatsApp Android version.